On Of My Knives Was ON American Guns


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Hey one of my knives was on American Guns T.V. Show. Rich Wyatt used my knife to sweeten the pot in a trade for some machine guns. That was kinda exciting! Him & the guy he was dealin with were talkin #'s and he says" how about I through in a one of a kind item". Then he pulls out one of my knives and says something to the effect of " here is a one of a kind Shane Atwood Knife in a crocodile sheath, damascus blade, ivory handles." Then he stabs it into the table and the guy goes for the deal. It was kinda cool to see one of my works on T.V.
The knife is made from Chad Nichols Haz Mat carbon damascus with elephant ivory handle. I lined the the ivory with some black G-10 and then used some barrel and screws to screw it to the knife. I also made the Crocdile sheath and braided the kangaroo lace lanyard. The beads are sterling silver. Thanks for lookin and let me know what ya think.

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I caught that last night. Good looking work!

I think your knife is the first thing I've been impressed with on the three or four episodes of the show I have caught. They always seem to over embelish their stories to make it sound as though they are the first to do something. Kind of like the episode where they built the mortar/axe gun and Discovery added the note at the bottom of the screen saying, "Saw blades made from damascus steel are used for slicing rocks and metals". I had never heard that myth.

Congrats on the exposure and thank you for adding a touch of class to the show.


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Wow that's a beautiful knife!

I no longer watch those so called "reality" shows including "Sons of Guns". Tired of all the manufactured drama and B.S. that goes on. Seeing your knife sure makes me regret not see that episode though!


Very nice knife- like the damascus and ivory together and screw details. They shoot that show in CO and I shoot in same areas they do at times, which is NE CO Pawnee Grasslands- agree with Don though- I can trump up drama on my own.
Way to go though...great exposure!

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Sorry I missed that episode, mabe I can catch a re run.

The knife speaks for its self. Great looking knife and sheath!

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I saw it, and when I was watching I said to myself...what a lucky guy to get that kind of exposure.
Great looking knife and deserving of the props!

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Flipping back and fourth I saw him stick it intothe table and thought, "I wonder who made that knife"? Cool to now know and take some vicarious pleasure in being a meber of KD's and hear it here. Congrats. I agree with the above about the silly drama - probably makes for better ratings with the general public but for anyone who knows guns and knives it is silly.


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I saw that myself,
Kinda half watching, while waiting for something else to come on I heard Their numbers on the deal going back and forth then I heard something about a knife to close the deal and looked up to see your knife stabbed into the table. I was happy for the maker wishing they had said his name more clearly? I didn't know you were a knifeDog!

They should get these straight! :biggrin:

Congrats on the mention and a beautiful knife.

I worked in and around enough gun store & smiths to know most of those shows are huey.

Hope the phone rings for you.



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I watched the program as well. Those firearms were well over priced. I work in the firearms industry and simply amazed at the prices received for the worked perform for their clients by these and other reality programs. Nice plug for you and I hope it helps in promoting your passion and income. JW