Old rusted axe head


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Picked this up for $10 just wanted to experiment with making it useful. I have it soaking in muriatic and peroxide overnight it is heavily rusted. Weight is at 2lb 11oz could it be a hatchet?

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Gary Miller

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the best cheep rust removers i have found are either vinegar or coke a cola. theres both work very well and are cheep. the most important thing when you use a rust removing soak is to get the remover neutralized . i use a washing in hot water with baking soda in it then a good rub down with some light oil. just my 2 cents

wall e

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Looks like it may be an old craftsman hatchet head.
Another vote for coke to get the rust off.

Ed of all trades

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We used a small axe like that for cutting and the big axe for splitting. Just our family name for it would be a cutting axe. Have two of them now, don't have a big axe, don't want one. Ed