old dog needs help


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just have ? on blade color of my D2 blades that come out of the oven. wrapped in 2300 foil.double fold and i hope sealed good an tite,cold oven ramp to 1100,held for 10 min ramp to 1850 for 25min.
took em out 1at time and to the plate .first 1 color was white after unwrap.secondhad blueish blazing on it and so did the 3 and 4th to a greater degree of blue blaze. all skated great with file .now this is my first use of the KD oven in real use.ran priar just to get the controls set down. all the foil looked still sealed good and the second blade the foil kinda sucked in on the blade on quench. the difference in color is what throwed me and made me think i screwed em up , but after temperin for 2hr.,@ 475 ,2 cycles .and i do all my grind after HT. they ground good am i just a rookie or what?


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I don't think you have messed anything up. I suspect the difference is just oxides from the envelopes "breathing" a bit as they expand and contract each time you open the door. No harm done - just a bit more clean-up. Sometimes,, this can lead to a shrink wrap like forming of the foil around the blade, which may cause foil to stick to the blade.


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a couple of blades from that batch of D2 tryin to get finished up.
D2 6 3/4 OAL 2 3/4 blades elk and sheep the elk was ordered and the sheep sold to the first guy i showed it to.