Old Bowie w/ new Sheath

Church & Son

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Another one that laid around too long..I can’t stand it, I pick them up and start piddling
and before I come to it’s a basket case…
I liked the knife but not the sheath so it went for a trip threw the friendly Injun Nation…Randy

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Man randy i want to now what you smoking to have visions of this stuff you come up with. How do you come up with them spill it!!! lol

Wade Hougham

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After all of the beading you must have beady eyes. Nice work, some fantastic work is conjured up from that smoke bag.:thumbup: Wade

Church & Son

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How do you come up with them spill it!!!
Franklin, I signed into Neo-Tribal Knife Dogs Forum.and started rubbing elbows/brain pans with some of the finest
knife/sheath/holster/leather and just plain unique artists on this planet...and hundreds of books, thousands of original pictures doesn't hurt...

Thanks Cougar

Wade and Terry, ya know I luv ya!!