Official Club Mascot

John Andrews

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Due to this fine organization and with IG's generous input, I think an official mascot is needed. I offer a suggestion, Indian Goerge's new shop partner, his new bird pal.

Any other suggestions or ideas?
She's sure a pretty gal, IG! You taught her any good cuss words yet? ;) I bet she will learn to make anvil sounds, too. 2thumbs You will turn in and be kept awake by cussing and anvil pounding noise. :D
Sweetheart? Why not Killer or Green Mama? You're mellowing in old age George. She'll still make a good mascot though.
I'm not sure George, been having some medical problems. Getting old is no fun. I'll be 69 in May. I've had a lot of fun getting in this shape though.
Wait until Sweethart starts mimicing a NWG at high speed with a 40 grit Blaze Belt doing some high pressure stock removal. Since you don't have to run a chain saw all winter. Or maybe she will pick up on an Indian Murder Mochine with no muffler.