Odd requests

Motor City Mike

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I have yet to make a knife sale but I've had a few people sniffing around.

Yesterday I guy work with asked me to make him a knife.

Ok. Cool.

Then he says he wants me to put Browning on the knife instead of of my makers mark.

What?? Why??

He said so people will know it's made in America.

I said, you do realize that I live 1/2 an hour away from you...in AMERICA.

I said no. Absoutly not. I'm not going to put someone else's logo on my knife AND commit trademark infringement while I'm at it.

I told him to go buy a Browning knife. Probably be cheaper anyway.

He wanted to know why I'm being so difficult.


Anyone else get strange requests?


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I've never had anyone ask me to put someone else's mark on one of my knives, but I did have one client ask me not to put my mark on a knife that I was going to make for him. I told him that was not negotiable subject. An artist is never asked not to sign his work. It's the signature down the road that adds value to the piece and not necessarily the quality of the piece. Not that I ever expect to be well known, but I put my mark on every knife I make.


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Here's my view....the guy's a clown and will probably never pay you for any knife. that's just a ridiculous request and he had to know it before he asked. if he was being serious, I'd probably write him off as any possible knife sale.

As for not marking the blade at all, I would do that. he wants a sterile knife. just tell him you charge more for sterile knives.
because if that's what he want's there's a chance it's going somewhere you don't really want your name to go too.


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OMG......the stories I could tell! :) I've had so many "out there in left field" requests over the years that I could write a book about them. From similar requests as you've mentioned, to folks who have asked me to finish a knife to a "lower level" hoping they would get it cheaper. :rolleyes:

If that little red light goes off in your head......PAY ATTENTION TO IT! Otherwise, one way or another you WILL regret it.

Justin Presson

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That is ridiculous!! Does he think you are buy a kit or cheap blank or something. Why on earth would he want Browning. Im sure most of there production knives are made over seas.

Drew Riley

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Now that IS an odd request. As for proof of country of origin, why not just ask you to put "Made is USA" or even just "USA" on the blade. I understand some people might want a knock off of a pricey brand, but most Brownings are well under $100, and most I've seen recently are less than $50.

Now I have had guys ask me to make them copies of a knife before, or "can you make this knife with this blade, but this other knife's handle?", but I've never had someone ask to put another mark on it.

Strange times we live in....


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I got about a hundred guys where I work. occasionally I'll bring a knife or two in to show "certain" fellow employees.
some have no interest at all, that's ok.
Some like seeing new ones and ask all sorts of questions. I've sold quite a few, some lower cost knives to my fellow co- workers and a couple expensive ones to management.

Then there are the people that like knives but generally shouldn't have anything sharp in there hands because there liable to do something stupid, like ask, hey can I stick it in that wall or throw it at that tree? I had one guy flip a high dollar folder open like switchblade like it was a $7.00 Walmart folder, I almost punched him in the face except he was management and a moron I never should have showed it too in the first place, don't get me wrong...I'd let that slide if he was considering buying it but he was just being a dumb a--.

These folks have been weeded out in my mind and haven't seen one of my knives in years.
I've learned this much....when dealing with hunters, knife people, or just plain intelligent people, it's a pleasure to talk and show knives, but when dealing with the general public in todays world your bound to meet people who really should just avoid anything sharp, and after you know these people for a while you know which ones they are.

I'm not saying your friend is one of "those people", but that silly request might just be a tip off.

Kind of like guns, there's just some people that just shouldn't be around them.