"Nugget Bowie" (photo heavy)

J. Neilson

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Here's one I recently did for a buddy (he'll probably be commenting on it soon).

The blade is "ladder-pattern" done in 1095 & 15N20 with an S-guard and threaded pommel of wrought iron. The throat is ball-bearing damascus with a copper spacer. The Fossil Walrus ivory was supplied by the owner. It was a fire-starter artifact and he had the cool idea of incorporating the copper nugget into the handle, I liked it so we went for it. Let me know what you think.



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I understand that the Ivory was used to start a fire by turning a stick in it, How does the copper play into this?

Handsome piece you have made there.
I like the scalloping on the guard and the taper & Swedge on the blade are excellent! Great looking damascus too!



J. Neilson

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The copper nugget was supplied with the ivory from the fella I made this for. Nothing linking the two other than a cool idea and something different to try out. ; )

kevin - the professor

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that is a very well done piece. It all fits together. I love the little copper spacer, too. Nice addition of color. Great looking steel for guard and blade. Very cool. The nugget just adds, but this would be a top-shelf knife even without.

John M Cohea

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This one is mine!As J pointed out,I provided the fossil walrus artifact that I got from Mark Knapp.J and I pondered the idea of a damascus plug for the firestarter hole,since we knew the tang would come through the hole.As luck would have it,I got my hands on a stash of copper ore nuggets,so I had J bring the ivory with him to Little Rock in Feb.when we both attended the Arkansas show.I fit it up with a copper nugget,and here you see the results!
You outdid yourself with this one J,thanks!