Now how did that happen?

Frank Niro

I got a super merry Xmas present today from Jim Clow better known as Boatbuilder to many in this forum. In the package was many lovely handle scales all stabilized, a piece of 416 stainless, some pin stock and two pieces of Damascus. One piece was I believe a "signature" piece that Jim calls "fossil". I intend to use this piece in a folder to stay here in my wife's collection.
However it happened I want to say "thank you Jim".

C Craft

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Goes with what I have been saying there are some real good folks here! Pictures we need pictures!


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Frank has been teaching knife making for many years to a lot of aspiring knife makers. He is also very generous on information on knife forums. He has been helping a good friend of mine for some time now on building some real nice folders. I've been taught lots from a knife maker that was taught by Frank. I wanted to just send a small care package in appreciation for all Frank does for our knife making community.