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    I started to assemble my NWG. So far, pretty straight forward. The hardest part is marking and drilling the holes in the right place so that they align, but that's fairly simple with a drill press. I did have some difficulty making sure that the tracking wheel was square, any tips on how to make it dead on? I am also having difficulties to get the drive wheel square too. I just can't seem to find a way to get a square it straight edge to give me an accurate reading. Thanks for looking

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  2. M.R.B

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    Update. I started the flat platen, but can't seem to figure it out. The wheels extend past the platen itself, which maybe I need to fix through using more washers between the platen and the mount? Also, the idler wheels have very little thread left over once through the lint and the wheel itself. I am using the proper size bolt, but the nut isn't fully threaded on. Maybe I just need longer bolts? Thanks for any help. IMG_4153.jpg
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    Yeah, just shim it out with washers until it fits. You may want to flatten everything up a bit, or even better install a ceramic/glass platen. It will shorten the learning curve and improve the quality of your knives, especially in the plunge areas.
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    From the pictures you posted it looks like you drilled those holes without any attempt to align them.
    Instead of fighting i'd get new square pipe sections and start again, center punching before drilling any holes....i'm sure you will be saving time.

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