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I watch the video of the DYI build, didn't understand the need - I do now.

Looks to me like another candidate to to follow myself and so many others, in the DIY build of a Surface Grinder Attachment. I promise you won’t regret it!
I started to grind yesterday, over all its not to bad but I can really use some practice.


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Looking good partner. :) LOL, we ALL say the same thing my friend. The great thing though, “practice” is exactly what doing is!
Do you mean etch a makers mark or etch a finish on the blade? If you mean Maker's mark then I would think it would be wherever your preference lies. If you mean etch a finish I would most surely do that before your handle work. I would not want to submerge my handle in acid if I had a choice. I like the shape, you are off to a good start on that one.
I bought a new gallon of muratic acid from Lowes today. had polished the knife to 400 grit, in the acid for 10 mins and could Hadley see the pattern, did another 10 mins and still not what I expected. How do I get the pattern to stand out?
Thank you


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I generally use 1 part ferric chloride and 2 parts distilled water for 10-30 minutes depending on how deep and etch you want.
Have also had good results with 1 part ferric and 2 parts vinegar.
Temperature of the etchant also makes a difference....warmer is more active.
I have never used Muratic acid to etch so I cannot help with the acid part except to say I would prefer to use white vinegar or a Ferric Chloride distilled water solution. If it were my knife I would clean it with rubbing alcohol very well and soak it in white vinegar for 30 minutes or so then check it out. That is not my entire process for etching damascus but you should see the pattern well after and you can adjust your process from there to get the look you want.
I had read some thing while researching etching to submerge in muratic acid for 10 mins. I will pick up some white vinagr and give that a try.
Thank you
The only time I've used muriatic acid was for stainless Damascus, and it had to be heated up.
I've always used Ferric for carbon steel.
Etch in ferric for 10 mins. Spray with windex original. Let it dry completely. Spray with WD-40 and let set for awhile. Then apply whatever polishing routine you pick. You have to let the oxides set before you rub on it. You may skip the ferric and try criminally strong instant coffee soak overnight.
This is 30 mins in white vinegar and then another 15 mins. I am pretty happy with it
Thanks for all the help


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This is 30 mins in white vinegar and then another 15 mins. I am pretty happy with it
Thanks for all the help

I am glad it turned out well for you. In the future if you plan on doing more damascus I would search Ed Caffery’s posts on this site for damascus etching. His process is a great place to start developing yours. The white vinegar will work but most like the results from a Ferric Chloride solution best.
criminally strong instant coffee soak overnight.
That is funny...Another thing I have figured out is I saved all of our used coffee and tea grounds for a couple of days and brought them to a boil then soaked the knife in that over night. It worked as well as instant and its free. I have always done the coffee etch After my normal etching process I have never used it in lieu of my normal process But I would think the used grounds would work either way. Afterwards, your acid loving plants will appreciate you dumping your grounds in their soil.
That is so simple, I will be doing that very soon. Never thought of mounting a thermo-couple to a muffle pipe.
I didnt think to put a thermo couple in mine, I have a piece of heavy wall SS pipe in my forge with a refractory brick "Bung" tapped into the far end to seal it off. I have the thermocouple I just need to put it into the pipe