New Welding Forge WIP


Looking good! This is a great WIP and worth restoring. My thought is some of the guys building forges would benefit from experienced knowledge rather than someone with just a bit more knowledge than they. When you're new on a forum it's hard to tell which is which. Anyone reviewing this WIP will get the experience level of the builder....


"The Montana Bladesmith"
If you can't see the images, go to the first post in this thread! In red letters, at the top, you will find information and the name of an extension for Chrome or Firefox browsers that will allow you to see the pics.

Matt Kirby

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Ed - I have local access to a steal of a deal on some PCG Castmax 31 HR castable. Looking online it appears to be high alumina, rated for 3100F, with claims for good chemical resistance.

Being aware that you do what you do for a reason, is Kast-O-Lite 3000F the only stuff you'd recommend? What else should I be taking into consideration on castable?

I'm going to build this forge over the winter and I hate trying to save a little money only to end up re-doing things later on if I don't have to.


"The Montana Bladesmith"
If the price is right, grab that Castmax! As long as you keep it dry, it won't go bad on the shelf! I did the Kast-o-lite because I know the product, and stumbled across a great deal on it! :)


"The Montana Bladesmith"
I finally got all the images for this thread found....uploaded to a new hosting site, and then edited everything to display the images. Everything should be in place now, to be able to build a similar forge with the input I've provided. :)

Sean Jones

Well-Known Member hat's off to you for bringing this thread to where it was before. I don't say much on here anymore, (mostly because I don't have much to say) but I really appreciate your efforts with this. When I have time I attempt to grind a few knives but at some point I would like to try my hand at forging. This information is very helpful.

Thanks so much.