New "toy" coming....

After stalking the web for about two months I ordered a sewing machine, turns out the Cobra and the Cowboy are made in the same factory. The main issue is having a dealer you can communicate with easily. I watched three different dealers videos and went with the one who's videos made the most sense to me. I am super excited...due to recent neuropathy in my hands my leather work has crawled to a standstill...this (and grinding which I can still do...but I'm still slow...LOL) is my main sticking point.

Hopefully with this sewing machine I'll be making sheaths at a more satisfactory rate. I know there is a learning curve to these machines....but this ol' dog is ready to learn a new trick!

a 300lb sewing machine is not gramma's Singer....

cowboy flyer.png
Thanks guys....yeah hoping for more out-put with this machine....

This year will be more profitable (read more taxes) than any year since I opened shop 18 yrs ago...with the 10 year long project being CANCELLED at years end....and nothing on the horizon after that. Since my goal of semi-production knives has been slow...I'm I will be pumping a lot of this years income right back into the shop so that I have broader capabilities than I do now....and to lower my taxable income. don't want my's feast or famine in job-shopping (contract machining) and like any business...I clam up when it's famine time...and brag about the good times. Last year was a new experience in lean-ness...reminded me of growing up when the folks were tight...and had 7 kids to Next year could be the leanest ever....

If you threw yours away...I'd pick it
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I grew up like many in the 50's and 60's with parents and grandparents who went through world wars and great depressions and who knew about lean times, so being frugal has been a way of life for me, but when it comes to tools or toys (work that is, although the other kind as well) I am always of the mind that you buy up to the quality you need as it always pays off in time.