New to Folders - Slip Joint Template Resource

Hi All,

I am new to Folding Knives and I am interested in making a Slip Joint Folder.

Does any one have a good resource for a template in a pdf format? I will gladly pay for it if there is a cost.

Also, before someone recommends it I have already bought and Case knife that I was going to take apart and use it as a template but I can't bring myself to do because I like it too much.

“Slipjoints: My Way” by Don Robinson, who is also a contributor here. It is the single best step-by-step manual I have ever seen. There are detailed drawings and templates in the back of the book.

This knife is based directly on his template from the book. If I can do it, anyone can.
I think I saw that book on Amazon. I am going go ahead and order it. Thanks for the tip!

And that is a good look knife! Well done!

Stang Bladeworks

Thanks Derek for the link and info! I will surly check it out.
Sounds good. I am just dipping my toes so this guide is by a beginner for a beginner. If anything seems odd I would trust the pros. The first section is a link to all the resources I used to learn the basics. I would love your feedback, I am trying to make a beginner friendly guide to get people started.


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I've made about 30 slipjoints from scratch, and I still printed off Craig's drawings. Made myself copies at 75%, 50%, and 25% as well.