new temper oven


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just to share some info on my new tempering oven - it's highly recommended as maintaining an accurate temperature and the timer goes up to 2 hrs !!
One possible drawback is the vertical clearance is only about 3 inches so if a blade is more than 3" wide it would be a problem positioning it on the spine, anyway the oven is the NINJA FOODI - its a digital air fryer and retails for about $169. you can find it on amazon
This is what I found at a garage sale for $5. This is a commercial oven and sold new for $1400. I see them used on eBay for $150 to $500. It's an Otis Spunkmeyer OS-1.

The oven has an On/Off switch and that is it. I took my highly accurate digital thermometer with a heat probe and checked the oven. It was at a very stable 295F. I was able to take off the front panel and find an adjustment screw. After about 5 tries I got it to a stable 315F. I lined the oven rack with fire bricks to make the heat even more stable on the blade.

I temper all my stainless at around 300F with great success so the 315F is good for me. Someday I may try and fit a PID in it, but it's working fine for me now.

With a little help from a electrician friend you could easily convert to a PID controlled tempering oven with +/- one degree.

I'm a lazy electrician of sorts. I've worked in communications electronics repair my entire life and I'm sure I could install a PID. Just not sure I want to...