New Slip Joint in Halloween colors.

Johnny Roberts

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I just finished this one up.

ATS-34 Blade (59 RC) and Spring (48 RC)
Hollow ground. 3.75 closed and 6.25 open.
410 SS liners and pins.
Dressed in Tiger Stripe G10 from USA Knife Maker.
Milled liners. Everything finished to a satin 600 grit.





Its really enjoy seeing everyone elses work so I thought I would share these. Thanks for looking.

And thanks to K R Johnson for his tutorial and to Craig for his insight on how to make this one come together.

Johnny Roberts

Johnny Roberts

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Thanks everyone!

I appreciate the comments. I have been carrying this one all week and been using every time I get a chance.

I am really pleased with the heat treat on this one and also happy with the sodbuster style pivot setup. My father always gets dibs on any knife I build so I am going to keep this one hidden from him a bit longer so I can hang onto it.

Can't wait for the weekend to get back in the shop to work on another one.

Johnny Roberts