New sidekick

My Sister use to dog sit for extra money. She took care of this couple dog that was some sort of Mastif his eyes were about the size of golf balls but they looked small because his head was so big!! He was in the neighborhood of 230ish. Big mellow dude!! Awesome dog and GREAT personality. CONGRATS!!
And now every time I feed the dogs I get to yell “Justice has been served”! I’m sure the Mrs. and the kiddos love that at 6 am on a Sunday haha
I worked with a guy that had 2 mastiff's. Every once in awhile his wife would come for lunch and bring them with. What wonderful dogs they were. Good luck with your new son.
I once had two male Great Danes, one of which was a hurricane Katrina rescue. I also had a big mean Angola prison bloodhound named Agnes. The total was about 575 lbs of dog. I just gotta warn ya, you will “feel” the grocery bill. We are very much dog people, and have plenty room for them. But again, we felt the lunch bill lol. Them dogs eat!!!