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Justin W.

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Hello guys my name is Justin and i am a 17 year old knife maker from Missouri. I have been making knives for about a year and a half using as my guide utter failure and youtube videos. So i decided it might be a good plan to get connected to a forum so that i could ask some questions when i need too and get some feedback on my knives so that i can keep moving forward in this wonderful craft. Thanks
Hey Justin...welcome aboard! Please post some pics of your knives...even if you don't think they're (utter failure is usually doesn't get repeated)
Welcome to KD.

There was a member on here that made a lot of knives from files and rasps. Here is his website. His name is Dan Thornberg. I forget the name he used but DT Knives or something like that. Take a look, he details how he makes them on his site.

Justin W.

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Wow! He is a very talented maker. I never really planned on making knives from the farriers rasps but once I had finished my first two or three knives I realized I had a long way to go. So instead of paying for the knife steel I got the rasps for really cheap or free and learn the basics with them then I just used the money I saved to build my belt grinder and buy a drill press. With that being said I am making the transition to using barstock and I'm stoked to get started


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Welcome and thanks for sharing your photos. You definitely have a unique style and your work is really nice. Look forward to seeing more of your work and having you as a member on this great forum.

Justin W.

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I would like to thank everyone for such a warm welcome. I can not wait to have some informative conversations with you guys and get some feedback on future work