new maker from Idaho long time knife enthusiast


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my name is Nathan i just started making knifes this last year as a hubby and i quickly got sucked in and found i could not stop i have ben looking for a place to talk knifes and to ask for advice for a while now and that is wen i found this place and i think it is awesome!!!! that some one started this.

need advice what is the best (high carbon) steel for a good EDC knife. thanks Nathan
Welcome to KD. The great thing about knifemakers is that we are all the same. We all started at zero and made every conceivable mistake we could, usually against the advice of a bunch of knifemakers that made the same mistakes. :D

I'd encourage you to post up what you want to make, what you're working on and/or what you're working with. It makes it super easy to give good advice.
Welcome, very cool. I would just aim for whatever is cheap until you're wanting to sell some knives. I started with 1084 personally just because it was available locally.
Welcome to KDs! I'll give another nod to 1084. It was the first known steel I used and I still have a blade out of it on my belt every day. It may be called a beginner's steel, but that doesn't mean it makes a lesser blade.
thank you all that helps I have ben using 1084 and 1095 for the last 8 moth's or so and I am glad to here I am on the right track.

I will post pic's to show yall what I am working on.
That's quite a variety that you have going on there. I'd like to see some finished work, too.
BTW, welcome to KD
I’m late to the welcome party but I thought I should say hello to a fellow resident of the 208.

I’m in the Magic Valley. Where are you?
Nathan, I'd second the 1084 being a noob myself, as it's easy to work and forgiving in heat treat. Plus, it's more available where I am than 1075, LOL!
Welcome to the addiction.
Next you'll be scouring the online and in print classifieds looking for cheap used equipment you suddenly MUST have, LOL!