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It is XHP and full flat grind, cutting edge is just under 7 inches overall length is 12 inches. 1/8 inch thick tapered tang. RHC somewhere around 62, Black walnut and Redwood Burl from J. Doyle. I think on the next ones I may surface grind them a little thinner first, it is a little thicker than I wanted. I did one with a mirror finish and the other two I finished with a satin finish. Mirror finish on these knives suck, I regretted offering a mirror finish lol. overall I am happy with them but as always I see lots of room for improvement
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Thaose are really quite nice Santukos. Fred likes to have them flat out on the board and those look like great vegetable choppers.

I like the way you angled the plunge line on the Redwood handled one. I agree that a mirror finish sucks on a culinary knife. As soon as you have any mars on them they look terrible. I like a Brite Satin Scotchbrite finish for all of my working knives and save the mirror finish for collectable knives.

Have you used these yet? Kindly tell me any experience with this XHP steel? Edge holding? Machinability? I've been considering trying it.

Does it appear as clean and homogenous of a powdered steel as they say?

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I have been doing some work will W.C. Davis and he really loves XHP I have a neck knife I made out of it and I really like it. To me it seems to hold a good edge, it can be a little more difficult to sharpen if you don't know how to sharpen well. I order sheets and the steel seems clean to me, however I did have some I bought a while back in bars and it had some sort of defect in it like it didn't get mixed well or something, and sure enough it was right in the middle of the steel and right on the cutting edge. :mad: Sucks when you are half way through a knife to find something like that.

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Great Looking Knives! I just started making my first knife. I am adding bolsters to the knife.