New Elmax Super Steel Giveaway !!!

Steven Janik

And the lucky number generator pulled post #19 which is Cubane from down under.
Congrats and you get to pick one other lucky poster from this thread to get a free bar also.

Pick and post it here and PM me your addy and I'll get it shipped.
Whoever the lucky soul that Cubane picks also must PM me their addy.

Thanks for playing and you must post pics of your WIP.


Keep your beady eyes peeled for next weeks giveaway.


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Yay!! I'll send a PM with my address. As for picking a winner.. I thought I would give the other one away to the person who had the highest posts per day as a bit of a reward for contributing to KnifeDogs so much. Which happens to be Denny Eller. Now you'll have to stop sitting in front of the computer and get into the workshop :D At the same time you'll have to post some WIP posts to make up for it :p

Denny Eller

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Cubane, God Bless You!!! I can't thank you enough! This is the first time I ever got a PRESENT on the Marine Corps Birthday! I will post updates and pics as I go to work on this. Steve, addy sent.