New 3 pc Asian Style Kitchen Set

J. Neilson

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Hello All,
I hope this end-of--summer weather is treating everyone well. Here is something new I’ve been playing around with after several requests/orders, even though I make a lot of kitchen knives nowadays, these are something new for me. I hope you like them.
Thanks again,


These Asian style kitchen knives have a bit of tradition to them and a whole lot of my own influence. All three of these blades are made from my 400 plus layer "forced random" pattern damascus forged from 1095 and 15N20 high carbon steels. The Sujihiki-style (top) has a chisel grind and a 7 7/8" cutting edge (13" oal), the Kiritsuke-style (middle) has a double grind and a 7 1/4" cutting edge (12 1/2" oal) and the Pettsuki-style (bottom) also has a double grind and a 4 7/8" cutting edge (9 3/4" oal). At the thickest points of the spine, these knives are approx. 3/16" thick or a bit less. All three knives have fullered "button" guards with my "antiqued" finish and beveled, 2 piece wooden handles. The handles themselves are stabilized and multi-dyed Presentation-grade Maple Burl wood with throats/spacers of matching stabilized and single dyed Maple Burl wood with an etched carbon steel set pin in each towards the back of the handles.
Price, for all three pieces: $2,850.00, plus shipping.




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