Need some advice on a Mark 1


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Shew! That's gona require a lot of material removal to clean out all those pits. Were it me, it would come down to old fashion hand sanding. Starting with 180 or 220, and a lot of elbow grease until all the pits are gone, then progress down in grit sizes until you get the finish you're after.

I've been down similar roads before...somebody brought a knife they wanted "refinished". The first couple I quoted/did, I lost my behind on. I finally went to a model where any knife repair is charged at an hourly rate of $65, with a one hour minimum. That tends to discourage most, and those that it doesn't, are the ones who understand how much time and effort goes into a "refinish" job.
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Yeah the pitting is bad I have one bevel done to 400 it looks perfect. I just dont know how to tackle down by the guard also dont want to wash out the writing.
Ill post a finished pic when Im done. Wont be perfect Im sure. He realizes that. Thanks