Need Knife Repair

knife.JPG crack 1.JPG crack 2.JPG crack 3.JPG

Found this knife among my late father-in-law's things.

The "mother-of-pearl" handle has cracked. Other than that it looks to be in good shape.

Can any of you repair this by replacing the yellow, "doctor the knife up", and make it look good again. Not looking for "like new". Don't know if you can make it out but at the base of the blade it states "GH61960 Solingen West-Germany".
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That handle looks to be a wrap of some kind. Maybe some of the experienced guys have messed around with this type of handle?

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Danny take this thread over to the Folding Knives Forum and maybe someone would be willing to guide you in the right direction. Here is a link,

A couple of things and please do not take this the wrong way. I understand this knife means something to you and the things I am about to speak of are not intended in any way to deter from the knife or the relationship to your late father in law!!!

First I don't think that is mother of pearl! Mother of Pearl has a look like this image I pulled of the net! 1520463232211.png Either you get that coloration or more of an almost white in color, such as this one! 1520463314491.png

The second thing is you may put more money into this knife to actually get it restored than, it may be worth!

I have been carrying pocket knives of one kind or another since my Dad gave me my first at about eight! I had only only blade as it used to be a two blade and the second blade had been abused and broken off!! I remember buying one or two like the one you are asking about in my life time. Back when I was just a kid. They were production knives and not all that expensive. The material on the side is like Ted said, a wrap. Very thin material wrapped around an outer shell and heated to take that shape and then the whole thing is put together!!!

Production knives are hard to fix as a folder is put together a piece at a time and to restore any knife will involve taking it apart to the guts and working back out. That takes time and as you know, time is money. As I remember those style of knives sold for around $15.00 - $20.00 at the most in the late 60's and early 70's!!

I wish I had better information for you. I did just go back up and open the pics again and I can tell you two things.

The first thing this was a knife made before the end of the Cold War and may fit that late 60' - to early 70's period. the Cold War, is referenced by the fact it says West Germany which dates it before the Berlin wall came down in November 9, 1989. After that it would have said Germany as the East and the West were put back together!

The second thing, the blade says Solingen, they made some lower line knives for the American market but there steel was refereed to as excellent steel at one time!! Here is a link to their cutlery!!

So to wrap this up please don't take any of this info the wrong way the info is to the best of my knowledge. Good luck with the knife. I have a Solingen fixed blade that belonged to one of my brothers. I know it may not be worth a whole lot but as a reminder of my brother who has passed on, .............that makes it priceless to me!!