Need a Broach

Bruce Bump

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Tracy here at Knifedogs sells my broaches at USAKnifesupply but I checked just now and see he is out of stock. I need to see if he wants to still carry them before I can sell them directly. Thanks for your interest.
The will work on synthetics. The teeth are carbide saw teeth. Carbide will cut anything except diamonds.


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Hey Guys,
I just went back to the shelf and there was one hiding in the bin. GLL if you would like it, I have it pulled aside with your name on it.

Bruce, if you don't hear from Tracy, I will talk to him tomorrow.



I want it ! you want me to send an order thru your website ? or if you can send me an invoice thru paypal
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Bruce Bump

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Beth is talking to Tracy to see if I need to send him a batch for stock. Thanks guys for your interest in my product.