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I run across this site..The browns are pretty awesome..I've made Walnut dyes and vinegaroon for years but the different shades will be nice.
I'm brewing coffee and tea now...Maybe an after-dinner Pine bark....

And another "Coffee" dye recipe I had saved, thanks to whoever wrote it;

"I use a one pound can of the DARK ROAST coffee, and about two heaping tablespoons of broken or crush iron, or you could use a dozen or so iron nails, I pour this into a 20 qt. pot filled 3/4 of the way up with water, bring to a boil, then reduce heat to a simmer, and simmer for about three or so hours, let cool over night, and then pour into a plastic container of your choice, but one deep enough to submerge your leather in. the dye my last rig was done in , I made a year ago, so it doesn't go to waste. when dying I leave my leather in the dye, submerged for 24 hours, then pull my leather out and rinse off with fresh water, if you're doing a belt place the belt on your bench straight or curved as you want it, when dried it will hold its shape pretty well, same with your holster, but you want to mold the holster to your gun at this time, let dry 24 hours, then condition with Lexoil conditioner, and after an hour , you can start oiling with either EVOO, or Neatsfoot oil, you will find you can vary the depth or darkness of the leather by the amount of coats of oil you apply, when you get it the way you want, let it dry over night, if it still looks the way you like it, you can either use Skidmores leather cream or use another sealer finish or nothing at all, that's open to you, or make it darker by applying more oil."
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