My son’s sword project

Dennis Morland

My son had to make a project for his schools English class. He chose a two handed sword. We researched a bit and looked at dozens of pictures on the internet. Here is his rendition. It could not be sharpened or he would not be able to take it into the school. We did not harden it, either. Makers that make these have mad skills. We have at least 20-25 hours into this one just to get it to here. A real sword -whoa!! I can only imagine.

Last year was a quillion dagger. Year before that was an English short sword. Luckily, I should get a couple years off before the last child takes that class. This thing is heavy. I cannot imagine swinging it in battle. Or getting hit with it. Would have been horrific...
Cool piece.
Not to take anything away from our soldiers who fight and battle for our country, God bless them, but this was from a time of warriors! Up close and personal with your enemy, face-to-face... Swinging with all your might, and doing everything in your power to defend from the onslaught! And the blood and gore... My God the blood and gore!
Quite a difference from random gunfire spray from a hundred yards away, and road side bombs, huh?