My press has developed a stutter or stall???

J. Neilson

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In the course of the big move to the new shop, I of course, had to move my press. Funny thing is though, I moved it on a flat bed and it stayed upright and full of fluid the whole trip. When I added a new plug and started her up today, she was stalling like a car with no juice. I topped off the fluid and let her run for awhile but, no change. The 5 hp motor or the pump or whatever just doesn't seem to have very much power, even though nothing is loose, cracked or was even roughly jostled on the trip over. Any ideas?
It sounds like the pump is not getting enough oil. My first suggestion is to check the filter and screen (if the reservoir has one). I'm guessing the move stirred up some sediment and when you started it up everything plugged the filter. If that is not the problem I would check the return / intake side of the pump right to the reservoir for any restrictions or blockages. If all else fails then try getting the pump tested for flow and pressure. Hopefully the filter is clogged, the cheapest fix.
Thanks guys. The electric seems fine and the cylinder/ram moved just like before but, the whole machine sounds a bit "quieter" (thought I'd be happy about that) and it seems to stall out once it's actually exerting pressure. I'll drain the system tomorrow and see if I can bleed out any air or find any blockages.