My first one for 2021

Bruce McLeish

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Handle is oak. It's that oak that I had up for sale just a while back. It is forest fire oak, where the fire percolated the sap out and sorta did a preservation number on it. It's awful pretty , huh? The other specs are 1084 . HRC of between 55 and 60. Oal is 6 1/5 with the blade length 3 1/5. Brass pins. Finished with 5 coats of tru-oil. File work done with files and jeweler saw. Blade polished to 4000 grit.

Greg Rice

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In that Wolfman Jack voice:

Here at Knife Dogs
We got that cool FM
Providing you with some saweeet eye candy and some laid back filin’...

Give it up now for our very own...

Files McLeish

yeah baby...


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I always like file work like that, lots of time consuming work there! But I'm in the same boat as Opaul with the lack of patience to do it!