My Belt Bag for muzzleloader

Church & Son

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I made this one as a shooting bag for the my 68 caliber smoothbore but didn’t like the way
it set around my shoulder so I re-modeled it into a belt bag…Now I LIKE it!!

It is 7″ wide x 8″ tall and the belt loops will fit on a 3″ wide belt…
The leather came from a yard sale coat and has a 1 1/2″ wide gusset stitched
in the bottom to make it a little roomier, also a small interior pocket.
I stitched it with linen and added a few beads at the seams…
The rosette pattern came from a pic of a war shirt…The bag closer is a rolled rawhide button
and the belt loop buttons are antler…

Finished with homebrew dye, grease, dirt and varnish….

The patch knife is 11″ overall with half sharp, made from a file and the tine of a Whitetail
and has it’s own rawhide sheath…...Randy



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I like it! I especially like the way you added the knife to the back.

It has been quite some time since I shot my flint lock kentucky long rifle in competition, and even longer since I attended the national rendezvous in Frendship Indiana. Still have the buckskins and such. Love the black powder....

jonathan creason

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Very cool, Randy. A nice flintlock is high on my "damn I want one of those things" list, and a bag like that would be right behind it.