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Pathfinder was nice enough to send me a drawing i been working on most of the the summer this what i com up with.
This is my version . The blades is made out of buggy axle steel.The guard and the butt cap is wrought iron.Handle is figured mesquite wood . I cold blue the blade.For the guard i forged the wagon wheel wrought iron the slotted the guard marked where i wanted my bends then hot forged them in for i can have the wrought iron flow better.



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When I stumbled on this thread, I read the first lines and immediately sent Pathfinder an email requesting one of the drawings. I then proceeded to look at the date , read the rest of the responses and realized that he had given away all of the drawings.
So I sent him a message through Knifedogs and I apologized for bothering him at this late date.
He was kind enough to respond, acknowledging that all of the drawings were indeed gone. But then, he mentioned that he had a smaller drawing printed on parchment. He asked if I would be interested in it. I nearly wrecked my keyboard trying to write an email to him saying YES I wanted it.
He packed it up and shipped it to me and it arrived yesterday in the afternoon. As you guys can imagine, I was checking that mailbox often. I looked in it, in the morning before I went to a friends house to help him a little.
As soon as I can, I am going to have a one to one full size drawing made of it and the parchment one will be framed to protect it.
Pathfinder, my heartfelt thanks for this beautiful gift!
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Very nice collection! As an old style guy the Musso Bowie is my favorite! Really like to have a copy of the working drawing.

Thanks for sharing!!!


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Here's a Musso I made 7 or 8 years ago. As exact to the blueprint as I could get.



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Thank you. It was a very time consuming project, and sapped my desire to repeat it. At least for now. Maybe one day I might do another.