Murphy Military Build

Thanks guys. I sold a toy this past weekend, so now I can get all of my supplies ordered tomorrow. With any luck I'll get this show going in the next couple ofweeks.
Quick update, I just dropped the steel off at the waterjet company and with any luck I'll have my blanks on Friday. If they aren't ready on Friday, I'll pick them up when I get back from training in a couple of weeks.
I'm sorry I can't post pics of my progress guys, but I am at my "Annual Training" and only have access to KD thru my phone. Unfortunately, I can't post pics here from my phone. I'll get pics posted asap, I promise.

Tuesday evening after my work day I ground out a small chopper/field knife and then got a bit motivated. Four hours after starting I found that I had rough ground the ten build knives plus seven more. That's a total of 17 plus the field knife. I have since finish ground the ten build knives and will finish the other seven this Sunday after my training day (short day). I'll have all of these ready for HT by the end of my "A.T.".

If you want to catch a glimpse of these, I've posted pics to the KD Facebook page.
Thanks Brad. I'm pretty excited about getting these and the spares built. I have three of the eight spares spoken for already. Hopefully I'll be able to sell the others as well so I can replace the toy I sold to fund the project.
I'm gonna try to get back in the shop next week. Here is a pic of one of them.