Mother-in-Law Special

Hello all. I just finished this one for my mother in law. She wanted an EDC for protection and general use. The handle is stabilized spalted maple from GeneK. Blade is D2 ... tested @ 61 RC. Even though it is 8000 degrees here, somehow my son and I have been fighting pneumonia. It was good to get some work done today. Thanks for looking and as always critique is more than welcomed. I’m still waiting for my makers mark to be done so I just used a stencil I already had made myself. A3D0BEC8-038F-4C84-AB2C-20AF386DD176.jpeg

C Craft

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All I can say if your mother in law is carrying that as an EDC, go out of your way not whizz her off!! :D That one is bad ass Kevin!!! The only critique I can give you is that little tit of wood at the riccaso, may be easy to chip off. I know I see a lot folks doing that but, every time I see one my mind goes I wonder how many of those get popped off!!
So that may be more of a personal preference but they always make me think about that getting snapped off!!

Von Gruff

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A practical general purpose blade is always useful and when it comes with a nice pair of scales and is also a gift then you are going to have a very happy recipient and happy mothers in law also means a happy wife so you have scored big time with that one Kevin.
thanks guys!! Means a lot. CC I need a small wheel attachment some kinda bad. OP I can’t remember and it’s already at its new home. I’ll measure it soon though.
That's a fine piece of work there, Kevin! Very well done. She's going to love it.
Thank you, sir! It’s great to hear such kind words from you guys. You all make amazing knives... so the fact that y’all even “notice” one of mine makes me feel good about the work I put in. As for mother in law, I think she is looking for a situation where she can “defend” herself lol. Kinda scary lol!