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There's a little "double arrow" looking thing up towards the top on the left side. If you click on that it will "shrink" that part and make it go away and it'll stay gone as long as you stay signed into the forum. Of course clicking that thing again will expand that side bar back out anytime you want.

I'm with you... it just bugs me :)

Thanks Josh, If I can just click something one time and make it go away, then all is good.

I clicked that double arrow thingy, but every time I would click the "back" button to, say back out of the "Collector" section and go to another section, the darn thing would be there again.

I'll fool around with it a bit more.



I tried to re-create your back button issue but for me that side bar stays closed even once I use the back button. I guess this one is above my pay grade ;)

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

My old computer that I have in the shop is like me......... Old and tired.

Everything is working fine now.

Thanks guys.