mosaic pins


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was gonna try to make some.would a drop of latex paint work for colorant? or would it gum up the epoxy ? was curious what ya'll use


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There are so many formulations for latex would be a crap shoot. I highly recommend this stuff:

Over the years I have tried just about everything to color epoxy/acraglas, always with issues, until I tried the above...I'm sold on it. It's very cheap, and one of those jars will last for years!

J. Doyle

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Yeah, what Ed said. Latex wouldn't be a good idea I don't think.

Also make sure that you use a good slow set epoxy that dries clear. The five minute stuff will dry very dark if you're using any color besides black. Once it's in the pin, it will just look black. I messed around for a long time with this. I did eventually figure out colors that worked in the end but found out for me, it was more hassle than it was worth.