More super conductor & LSCF for Blade

Steven Kelly

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Another one I just finished up for the Blade Show.. This is a Liner-Lock version of my Collision folder. The Blade is cpm154 Stainless. The liners are anodized .065 titanium. The bolsters & double thumb studs are etched and heat colored super conductor The handles & pocket clip are Lightning Strike carbon fiber. Closed length is 4 1/2" and open is 8", with a 3 1/2" blade.

Thanks for looking, and Please let me know what you think!!

I hope you all will stop by and say hi at the Blades Show, Table 9-R..


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That looks great Steven. Wish I was gonna be there to see it in person.

Steven Kelly

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Rudy.. Super conductor is made from niobium wire encapsulated in copper.... It is what huge electro-magnets are made from....

Murph... I'll miss you!!!!! You gonna be at A.G.'s show in July???