Metal Progression - What's Next After 1084?


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A follow up since I brought it up. 1075 for both specimens. Both forge HT. The finer grained piece was HT'ed utilizing a muffle (2" SCH10 304L). 1 normalizing heat and 2 grain reduction heats, quenched in warm canola. 64.4HRC as quenched. The grainier piece is the same 1075 sample from my earlier comment. That one was HT'ed in the open forge and was quite difficult to heat evenly. 1 normalize and 1 grain reduction because I couldn't keep the heat even and low enough.
The finer grain piece was surprisingly difficult to break. I expected the hardness to be lower because it broke a bit weird, like it was tempered. 4BC2DEA1-AEEA-45FB-A79B-5660AE7AE62A.jpeg