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All founding forums have been assigned.

We offer forums for individuals and businesses at the following rates:

  • $100/year for 1 to 3 employees. This should cover 99% of knife makers, dealers, commercial sellers or services.
  • $200/year if your business is 4 to 10 employees.
  • $300/year if your business is 10+ employees.

(above is for your own forum, membership information is below)
You will be moderator of your own forum. All forum owners are required to follow the "G rating" policy of the forum.

  • $25/year for sponsoring member. Your title will be upgraded to SILVER MEMBERSHIP. You will receive larger avatar size, picture profile size,larger PM mailbox, POLL set up and voting, Calendar posting access, TAG use, upgraded title change.

  • $30/year for knifemakers or dealers -Title upgrade to KNIFE MAKER or DEALER - PURVEYRO, depending on membership. In addition you can: rate threads, create TAGS for threads (enhances searches), create and vote in POLLS, 100 PM mailbox size, can 'over ride' send to full PM mail boxes, Calendar posting, can browse invisible mode, profile pic of 160x160px by 110k size, Avatar increased to 120x120px and 3k size, Signature images allowed, Double signature characters over non-paid members, Picture sizes increased to 1000x1000 by 160k, 100pic and 6megs file space. As a paid member Knife Maker or Dealer you have selling privileges in the For Sale forums.

  • $75/year for commercial accounts that do not have a forum. This gives you privileges to promote your company or services. Your title will be upgraded to COMMERCIAL SPONSOR or title of your choice. All image, mail and file space limits increased to Knife Maker limits. Additional privileges are being developed and have not been finalized.

500 days if you sign up now! For an opening special, memberships will be 500 days!

Effective 1/1/10, memberships will be 365 days for new or renewals.

Memberships can be paid for via Paypal checkout. Your receipt will be from Midwest Knifemakers Supply, LLC. You do not have to have a Paypal account to make your payment.

To buy a membership online, select "user CP" at the upper left of your screen, then in the bottom box of that menu, select "Paid Subscriptions"

Your upgrade will be automatic and immediate.

We reserve the right to terminate all memberships at will and we will refund the pro-rated balance.