March Meeting


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Well we had our monthly get together last night with 25 plus in attendance.

I pull up and JP is a flipping burgers and a rolling dogs. What, Dustin isn’t here?
So I grab me a dog HOT off the grill and go in to find Lin Rhea, Murph, and Dustin standing around bumping their gums.
So that’s why Dustin didn’t get any bacon for his burgers he didn’t cook any.

Well after we all have our fill of burgers and dogs. MS Lin Rhea starts off the meeting with very thorough examples of how he fits the guards on his hidden tang knives and what to watch out for. Sharing his many little tricks that he does and most importantly explaining why he does it.

Lin is an excellent teacher. If you have a chance to listen and learn I urge you to do so. You will pick up something you may have never thought of like, Are your file guides straight and parallel when clamped on a blade and you’re having trouble getting the shoulders for the guard flush?

Next MS Ronnie Foster showed his way for doing flat grinds on a forged blade.

He starts off by lightly hollow grinding the blade to remove the unnecessary material from the blade because it makes the flat grinding much faster and cooler.
Now why didn’t I think of that:les:

Next he will start his flat grind at the tip of the blade and work his way back to the plunge, both sides a couple of inches at a time keeping the blade centered. Once both sides are flat he will bring it down close to the thickness he wants then go to a finer belt for clean up.
Then he’s ready for the next step, fitting the guard.

The only photo that I got that turned out was Ronnie grinding.

Oh hey with our very own Murph and Dustin

Hopefully Murph and/or Dustin will post some more photos.

Caught me not paying attention. I think Clemmie may have been doing something that distracted me there. She's such a little cutie. I'll get some pics thrown up in a bit. Unfortunately, I really didn't get many new pics last night. When looking thru the photos I took last night, I found that many of them looked very similar to ones I have posted in the past.