Making rapier need help


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Making my first sword and making a raiper out of 5160. Looking for measurements, any help wI’ll be appreciated
Hello Mr. Fox, very few people have made a rapier, so it is a bit difficult for folks on here to give advise. However, I have seen some very nice swords on Kevin Cashen's website that might give you some inspiration. Also, you can look up Alec Steele's rapier. Good luck!
You also need to make sure that's it a rapier that you want to make and not a small sword. They're similar weapons but there is a difference.

I have a rapier made by Cas/Henwai and I wouldn't call it small. I believe the length of the blade is 31-32 inches. If you want exact measurements I can get them for you. I've had a hard time photographing it before, but I will post photos as well if you want them.
I think it would be a complicated project. The hilt alone is definitely beyond my capabilities by far.
Thank you all! And I really appreciate the feedback! Think I’m going to wing it and learn as I go. I’m working on the basket guard now.. and have to quench the blade. Just don’t have anything big enough to Thermo cycle. Just need to sit in in and think