Makers mark, tang stamp, Need some help.

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Hello everyone, Im hoping to get some info as to where or who makes tang stamp/makers mark type stamps..

I currently mark my knives HHH 1 H at a time and wanted to get a stamp made that would do all 3 and also possible add some design to the stamp..

Thanks in advance for your time and help.
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Randy, HHH Knives
I got mine from It is well made and was $80 if I remember correctly. I found it hard to get a good stamp every time with a hammer so I built a press for the stamp. Now I get a nice stamp every time. I'll try to take a pic of the press for you and post it here in a day or two. Merry Christmas.


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Hi Randy!

Merry Christmas!

You know my take on this....I really think you NEED to have an actual name on your knives. That aside, the very best stamps you can get are from Henry Evers Corp out of Rhode Island. In this case you will certainly get what you pay for. I've used most of the others out there, and NONE will hold up as long or as well as those from Henry Evers Corp.


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I would agree with Ed. I bought an Evers stamp and it is good quality. The lady you will talk to is also very cool and helpful. I stamp cold and also made a press to make the impression. I could not get a deep or consistant impression without it. I saw on your website that you do your own damascus and I believe it leaves a much better mark than etching does. I also make my own damascus billets, but everything else is stock removal. I don't know exactly what all you do, but some have opinions about forging/stock removal and stamping/etching. I think it looks good, leaves a deep mark and looks the best on damascus.

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Thanks for your input and advice.. Its greatly appreciated.. I am going to look into the ever stamp co first..

God Bless and Merry Christmas!

Steve Randall

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I would be interested in seeing your press pics Darrin. I agree with Ed in having your name on the blade, so at the blade show I ordered a stamp. I just have not been able to get good results so I haven't used it on a knife. steve