Logos, etched or stamped?

Casey Brown

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I know there's another company that others use. I can't remember the name, though. The stencils last for a long time. I'm probably getting around 8 knives per stencil before I need to move to the next one.

Jacob Gaetz

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ill check them out, how are their prices? yeah i was wondering about the sizing with a stamp... im going to print some scale models to see what is too small
I also have a steel stamps makers mark, but if you are planning on using a hot punch technique with a hammer Id suggest tempering back the striking side of the stamp. Early on mine threw out a large chip off the striking side. But their customer service about the issue was fantastic they sent me a new one right away

C. Killgore

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IMG also makes high quality stencils and they have really good customer service.

I started off etching and didn’t like it and have since swapped over to hot stamping.

If you’re still trying to decide, I’d say take a peek at Ed Caffrey’s page on the topic



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I'm definitly going to get a stamp at some point. Actually have a simple one I made myself years ago. What's the best places to check out for them?

Also, has anyone used a new Hermes engraveograph? I got one free a while ago and have used it to put names I, but could have a logo cut into a stencil to engrave onto knives... not sure how deep it goes though


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So, Does anyone k ow of a place that could maybe etch/ machine a brass plate to use as a template in a New Hermes Engraveograph?

J. Keeton

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I get mine from TUS Industries. 36$ for a custom sheet of 5 stencils and it's cheaper to re order. They've been great to work with and their stencils last between 10-20 knives.