Lock Back Lanny's Clip

Karl B. Andersen

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Not only my first Lanny's Clip - but my first folder - PERIOD!!
Four of us northern Minnesota-type-fellas talked Keith Johnson into giving us a few folder making pointers one weekend about a month ago.
If I'm not mistaken, Keith had never built a LC lockback.
So there were even a few hurdles for Keith to jump, as well.
I, and another fellow actually slept in the shop.
We all brought food for the weekend and offered our support to the others.
Each of our knives ended up being full sole-authorship in the end.
All in all, one of the most enjoyable learning experiences I've had in my career.
My hat is off to Keith for giving us this opportunity.
This is how mine ended up:
I just got it all hot-blued today.
I make my own Damascus, so that part was easy.
1095/15N20 "hammer-laddered", 324 layer.
1080 lock-bar/spring, 15N20 frame.
And the scales are pre-1910 original Bakelite, of which I have a nice supply! ;)
And, the pocket clip is 15N20.
I wanted a hefty knife. No way this will ever ride in the bottom of a pocket - just too heavy.
I see many more variations of this pattern in my future! :D


Calvin Robinson

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Wow! Very cool,thanks for the photos and description,great story.
I like everything blued like that and that Bakelite is beautiful.
How thick are the liners? Are there hidden screws or is it piened together under the liners?
I think you just pushed me over the edge,I have got to build a lock back!
Thanks for the inspiration!

Jim Moenck

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Karl, that is one beautiful knife. I'll expect to see more of these from you in the future. I really like the look of your hot blueing.


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Very Nice folder Karl, welcome to the dark side. You have a new skill set to add to your already impressive list of talents.