Liner lock folder with nice Koa

It’s always your little understated details that blow me away. The thumb hole being a slot, and the access relief being a matching slot. Seems simple, but that’s the kind of forethought that separates your work. The accents like the pivot bushing, and the jeweling on the inside of the liners. Then it’s a folder with a hamon, and the coining on the tang- if it wasn’t already unique enough.
That is such a great knife! Absolutely stunning

For the thumb hole I assume this is done wth a ball end mill? If so can you plunge into the work with the tool or do you need to use a slot drill first and then round the slot using the ball end mill after? I am about to cut a small groove in one of my blades and am not sure the best approach so any tips would be valuable.

Also, could you give comment on using G10 for the clip - I’ve not seen this very often?

Many thanks