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Brad Lilly

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I managed to finish up another razor. This one is a little more conventional. The blade is O1 with stainless hardware and ziricoate handles. I also made threaded inserts for the handle so the screws are the same on each side. The blade is finish is 2000 grit.

And before anyone asks no I'm still scruffy:biggrin:
You knew I was going to ask!:biggrin:
Good looking work there Brad.
I guess I'm going to have to get you to build one for me if I want to find out how well it shaves.
Nice looking razor Brad.

How big of wheel are you using for your hollow grind? And, what thickness steel did you start with?

Hi Erik I used a 6" wheel and started with 1/4" stock. The finished blade is 0.005" thick.

Calvin that's the best idea because I would cut my face off with one of these.

Thanks guys
Hey Gent's, The is where I have done the learning about straights and shave with them and Hone my own, it is amazing that a Keen edge on a razor with a proper stropping and lathered up face, you will rarely get a cut if you pay attention and the shave is amazing and close. Razor geometry is key for a razor that shaves and hones easy.

There are some good videos on utube that will help you pull off a good shave. The hardest thing about honing for me being a knife honer first was getting the butterfly soft touch on the hones, still working on that...

Great Razor Mr. Lilly, going to look over the rest of your razors.:1: