late Christmas present for my Daughter

Discussion in 'New to Knifemaking' started by mwhuston, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. mwhuston

    mwhuston Active Member

    I finished this tonight. It was supposed to be a gift for my daughter. I guess I'll give it to her as a New Years gift.



  2. Smallshop

    Smallshop KNIFE MAKER

    Something that beautiful is definitely a "Better late than never" gift!
  3. Ben Sellers

    Ben Sellers Active Member

  4. Rick Otts

    Rick Otts Well-Known Member

    Love that handle looks great!
  5. BrandantR

    BrandantR Well-Known Member

    Oh, I like it! And I'm sure your daughter will too.
  6. luciusx5

    luciusx5 Active Member

    Really nice! Looks like it would be a pleasure to use in the kitchen. I bet she will enjoy it.
  7. graveyard

    graveyard Well-Known Member

    im sure she loves it lady have a thing for purple

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