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Justin W.

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Hey guys I’d really like to start using a laser to engrave my makers mark! Is there a machine that could do this that would cost 5K.

I know there’s a lot of knife makers on here and I’d just like to hear out my options

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A lot of guys here are using diode lasers which can do both metal and synthetic material (like leather).

I purchased a 50w fiber laser that's designed for metal and it's fantastic... Got mine from

I’m so sorry guys I meant to say less then 5k

That definitely makes a difference lol is there any setup I could get that wouldn’t cost as much as a car

I may be asking a lot

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If you're only planning on using it for makers mark and you have a 5K budget, I'd suggest looking into the best fiber laser you can get for your money. That will give you the best quality, deep mark.

That said, I use a 10Watt diode laser that ran in the 800-900 range and I am happy with the quality of the maker's mark I am able to get with this modest machine.

I use a C02 laser and marking fluid. While it does not engrave down into the steel, the marking fluid penetrates the steel into the pores. I can tell you by experience that you will have to grind out the mark if you mess it up.....
i have not tried paint. We use Brilliance marking fluid. It's for laser engraving. I hear folks also use Cerramark, but it's more expensive... (none of it's cheap)