lapping films?


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Hey there Dogs first post here in a while.

Does anyone use lapping films like the ones used on an Edge Pro, or the Wicked Edge systems?

Does anyone use PSA lapping film sheets stuck to a flat glass plate, to free hand it?:)
I've done some basic sharpening using some wet/dry sand paper on a granite surface block. I've not yet found a need to go above 1000 grit for my applications, so the much finer lapping films have not been necessary.

However, it is most likely the option I would go with in lieu of something like a japanese water stone or other fine grit sharpening system.
Thanks for the response Andrew I agree on the flat plate plan as you cant get a water stone any flatter than a glass plate, right now I'm using a 0.25 and 0.125 Diamond spray slurry sprayed on Zerox paper on separate 3/8" thick glass plates, it works great for my blades but I want to also use a bit of better progression W the psa Lapping films.