Lanny's clip slipjoint


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Hey guys. Got my 4th slipjoint done today. Went with a lanny's clip pattern 6.5" overall when open and 3.75" closed. The handle is mammoth bone with black micarta and camel bone spacers and brass bolsters.
Deffinately better than my last one so I'm very happy with it.
Thanks for looking
Really like that knife, nice job. If you don't mind me asking, how are the spacers held in place as well as the brass bolsters. I can see the the wood has the brass pins, but I'd love to understand how the rest stays together, it's such a clean look.

The brass bolster is dovetailed and peened to the liners the 3 spacers are also dovetailed and gorilla super glued to each other then the mammoth bone is also dovetailed and peened in place keeping everything together.
So if I understand this, you have a brass pin or two in each bolster that you peen from the inside and it's the same for the bone. That makes sense as well does the glued spacers. Guess now my next question is how is it put together, I don't see any screws, is it just those two brass pins in the bone?
Yes the bolsters have 2 pins peened to the liners then the spacers and the bone are gorilla super glued to the liner. Then, there are actually 3 pins holding the whole thing together the one is the pivot pin that is through the brass bolster
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