Kydex glue

Looks like that Thermoform is mostly MEK and THF but it does have a couple more chemicals that could facilitate bonding. Part of it is there is PVC dissolved in there, like in purple pipe sealant. What I couldn't find is whether there's actually different stuff in the two bottles.
The two methods I like are welding and rivets/Chicago screws

The Chicago screws are nice, because you can remove them for cleaning.

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I got a bunch of kydex a couple of years ago from a plant locally that builds rail cars for the GO TRAIN system in toronto......they line the inside walls with kydex.......the scrap pieces from their cutting room floor are quite 20 by 63 inches on quite a few of them......also i got from them a bunch of the 2 sided tape that they use to install the kydex with is made by 3m.......the kydex does not move when put together with this tape...i really don't like the look of grommets so i use chicago screws to add some bling to the sheath but the sheath would not come apart with just the really holds well......i do all my sheaths now with kydex.......