Kydex folder sheath design input.

K Robinson

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The knife is a Todd Begg MIG Folder.
I would like input on which of the 2 sheath designs you guys like best.
Please ignore the light on both sheaths.
Thanks Much in advance for all that participate.


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Man both are outstanding! I like the one on the left because it looks more secure to me. I have just in the last couple months become familiar with your company and work and you easily have the best kydex work going in the industry. I would love to hear some tips and tricks from you sometime, either here on the forum or privately. My kydex is no where near where I want it to be and has been a continued source of frustration. I am just blown away anytime I see anything you have produced. Great work and thanks for sharing!
I agree with Melton in that they are both outstanding, but the reason I lean towards the left is simply that the pocket clip is covered.

If the right went up a little higher to cover the end of the clip, I'd probably like that more. I'd just be afraid of snagging the clip and pulling the knife out accidentally.

I too would like to see a kydex tutorial from you. ;)
Gary, Andrew:
I would be glad to share whatever tip's either of you might find helpful, I am much better at answering your questions than I would be throwing things out there that you both probably already know, I would be grateful if you guys would email me at with any questions that I can help you with.
The clip does pose the potential of getting caught on something, however if it did the result would be at worst a bent clip, both are Level II retention as with all of my sheaths, due to the Military and LEO customers that I serve I design the lock to withstand substantial forces before failing.
I am not sure how much either of you know about my retention systems and is why I tried to explain above a bit of how they work.
Thank you both for your comments.